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Rockford is...

Situated on the north edge of the Palouse, and is 24 miles south of Spokane on Highway 27 and 69 miles north of Pullman. Founded in 1878, it became the commercial center for the surrounding farming region. 

In the early days, the Native Americans had a crossing over Rock Creek, which was very rocky and the waters were shallow. They called it the “Rocky Ford” and settlers began to call the area Rock Ford, thus leading to the naming of the town Rockford. In 1889, the OWR&N Railroad was completed through Rockford and the town was incorporated.

In 1890, the town’s population was nearly 1,000! During this time of peak population, the only means of transportation was by horse and buggy. Livery stables were important and there were several in Rockford and quite a few hotels. Currently, the population of Rockford is approximately 498.

Points of Interest:

- Pioneer Museum

- Rockford Military Museum

- Washington Waterpower Pump House

- St. Joseph's Catholic Church

- Mt. Hope Church

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