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Let's Plan a Day Trip

Day Trip No. 1

Start in Pullman, the hub of the byway, and travel north on US-195 to Colfax. Stop and see the Codger Pole--the world's tallest chainsaw sculpture. Then travel west on SR-26 through Dusty. Stretch your legs at Pampa Pond (turn left on Fleming Road). The "pond" is a three-acre lake and a great fishing spot for rainbow trout. Continue west and turn south on SR-261 to Palouse Falls State Park. The falls cascade 198 feet into a round salt-rock canyon. On your return trip, turn north on LaCrosse Airport Road and stop to see the small cluster of historical basalt houses and cabins on Scharpenberg Road built between 1934-1936. Continue back through Colfax and if you have a need to shop try Tick Klock Drug on Main St. before returning to Pullman.

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Day Trip No. 2

From Pullman, take SR-194 to Almota and stop at Boyer Park to hike or bike along the 4.5 mile Snake River Trail. Two miles up the road is Lower Granite Dam offering fish viewing rooms. Return to Pullman and head south on US-195 to Colton and beyond to Uniontown. Stop at Artisans at the Dahmen Barn-- a restored dairy barn surrounded by a fence made from more than 1000 wagon wheels. Travelers are invited to watch regional artists at work. Head down the road to see the historic St. Boniface Catholic Church in Colton, built in 1904. The church houses the original stained glass windows and more. After returning back to Pullman swing by the famous WSU Ferdinand's Ice Cream Shoppe for a cone of ice cream and to purchase your very own round of famous Cougar Gold Cheese.

Day Trip No. 3

North on SR-27 takes you to Oakesdale to note the ongoing restoration of the J.C. Barron Flour Mill built in 1890. Head north to see the Tekoa Train Trestle on the John Wayne Trail,

then continue north on 27 and discover the town of Latah where you can dig up the history of a prehistoric mammoth skeleton found in 1880. Wander through Fairfield for a shopping break at Hurd Mercantile in Rockford. Get back to SR-271 and head toward Rosalia or take an easy drive on West Prairie View Road (if the weather permits). The Visitor Center in Rosalia is a historic Texaco Station. Take in Steptoe Battlefield and turn south on US-195, following the signs to Steptoe Butte State Park. Drive to the top for some amazing views of the Palouse hills. Take SR-23 into Garfield then head south on 27 into the town of Palouse. Browse through antique shops, an art gallery and stop to have something refreshing to drink. Before returning to Pullman, turn off SR-27 and head to Kamiak Butte Park. Hike the Pine Ridge Trail to the top for birding and watching the sun set over the hills before heading back. End your day with a visit to one of the many fine restaurants in Pullman.

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