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Welcome to LaCrosse

Our Community

LaCrosse is...

Unlike anywhere you've been before, where the setting and the citizens all come together in one unique package. LaCrosse is a community with a rich agricultural legacy, where people work together, and where values and the past are respected as being the foundation of the present, and for the future. It is an ideal place for retirement and for those just starting out. If you are looking for a quiet, safe and friendly community, LaCrosse is for you.

LaCrosse is nestled in the Palouse region of southeast Washington state.  As a town where residents care about and participate in their community, LaCrosse has many social organizations. These include the Lions Club and the Masons. The LaCrosse Business Association promotes area businesses and community activities. LaCrosse is also home to several churches – Catholic, Country Bible, Lutheran and United Methodist.

LaCrosse is an active community and many events are held throughout the year. On the 3rd Saturday in June, LaCrosse pulls out all the stops for its Farmers’ Festival. Events include a parade, community picnic, and games.

Points of Interest:

- Stone Houses

- Pampa Pond

- Channeled Scablands

- Selbu Lutheran Church, founded in 1903

- Pheasant Valley

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