St. Boniface Catholic Church, located in Uniontown, was built in 1904 and became the first consecrated church in the state of Washington in 1910. The church houses the original five altars, statues, stained glass windows, painted decor, wooden pews and oil painted Stations of the Cross. The church is open during daylight hours. Contact Joyce Mayer, 509-432-3500.

Wagon Wheel Barn smallUniontown holds an annual Flea Market the third week in August. Three antique stores are adjacent to the flea market. Click here for pictures from the 2005 Flea Market.

Dahmen Barn & its Wagon Wheel Fence, located just north of Uniontown, is constructed of well over 1,000 wagon wheels. This former dairy barn has been transformed into an artisan center that is a popular destination those who visit the region.  Please click here to visit Artisans at the Dahmen Barn’s website. The Barn recently underwent a major renovation.