SUMMER CONCERT #5 of 6: Sesitshaya Marimba Band

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August 19, 2017 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
The Dahmen Barn
419 N Pkwy
Uniontown, WA 99179
SUMMER CONCERT #5 of 6: Sesitshaya Marimba Band

Cost: $15.00
Date: Saturday, August 19, 7 to 9 pm

For more information: Artisan Barn

This year’s concert series is dedicated to Leslee and Dale Miller.  Leslee has managed the Barn since 2006 and is retiring this year and Dale has worked with the Uniontown Community Development Association since 2001 and was instrumental in developing the Dahmen Barn property as a creativity center.  Both are avid music fans.

Tickets at the door only beginning 6:15 with wine, beer and snacks available for purchase.

This performance will be outdoors if weather permits.  Chairs will be provided.

The Sesitshaya Marimba Band plays traditional and contemporary songs from Sub-Saharan Africa and shares the lively rhythmic sounds of the sonorous Kwanongoma marimbas of Zimbabwe. Built in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, they produce the full earthy tones that characterize the music and are the only Kwanongomas in the region. We create a unique, high-spirited musical signature by blending the Kwanongoma sound with marimbas built in the Pacific Northwest.

We are dedicated to continuing the musical traditions of Zimbabwe but our music is also from South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and the Caribbean Islands. We enjoy sharing the background of our songs and often sing in Shona, one of Zimbabwe’s major indigenous languages. We love audience involvement and encourage people to dance, clap in accompaniment, tap their feet, sing and generally enjoy the high energy and fun of this world music.

Our audiences say they love the sounds and rhythms of this African music. Rhythm is the heart of the music; it’s hard to sit still and is music that makes you happy. It is energetic and easy to like and it appeals to all ages. Children can’t sit still when they hear it and their natural instinct to move bursts out. That can happen to adults too. We want people to feel free to dance in any way they want. As the African saying goes “If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing.”

Sesitshaya Marimba began in 2003 under the direction of Zimbabwean Tendekai Kuture and continued under Tendai Muparutsa. These men were our coaches, teachers and composer/arrangers, giving us authentic music from their homeland to share.

We play across the Northwest at Folk Festivals such as Tumbleweed, the 3 Rivers Folk Society Festival, in Richland, and the Spokane Folk Festival as well as regionally for a variety of events including the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and the Renaissance Fair in Moscow.

When not playing with Sesitshaya Marimba, the performers are women from Moscow, Idaho who are financial advisors, microbiologists, dieticians, elementary and secondary teachers and university professors. Described as “really cool chicks” by high school students at their Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Clinic, they are: Sue Byrne, Kathy Dawes, Mary Donohoe, JoAnn Evans, Kirstin Malm, Elinor Michel, Molly Pannkuk, Mimi Pengilly, Gail Smallwood and Diane Walker, Sesitshaya Marimba is often joined by Tim and Rylie Malm, the teen-age children of our Roadies — the Malm family.

Sesitshaya Marimba is a non-profit group. We have produced three CDs and use them to collect donations for an International Student Scholarship Fund that has supplemented funds for several University of Idaho African students including nine Libyan families stranded here without funds due to the government embargo.

Learn more about Sesitshaya Marimba, see photos & videos on Facebook.

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