Raku-Ceramics- The Alchemy of Fire

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October 13, 2017 @ 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Artisan Barn
419 N Pkwy
Uniontown, WA 99179
Raku-Ceramics- The Alchemy of Fire

Cost: $105.00
Date: Oct 13-14 and November 4-5
Raku is an ancient Japanese approach to firing ceramic wares. Objects are removed from a 1800 degree kiln, and immediately plunged into a reduction atmosphere, yielding vibrant, naturalistic textures and colors. Raku is spontaneous, unpredictable, maddening, and eternally seductive. A raku surface is intertwined with black crackle patterns, with copper flashings and all the lucid hues of stones from a riverbed.

Register here: https://www.artisanbarn.org/events-classes.php

This course will be divided into two phases. First Phase October 13 and 14, 3pm-5pm
Second Phase November 4 and 5, 4pm – 10pm

During two initial tutorial sessions, we will discuss the history of Raku: its inception in Japan and its evolution in the United States. We will discuss wet and dry clay approaches to creating objects that maximize the beauty of Raku surfaces. We will also discuss Raku glazes- their chemistry, variability and potential.

After a three-week interval in which students can create, bisque-fire and glaze objects, we will have two open Raku firing sessions in early September. Although the instructor will supervise these sessions, students will be fully involved in the process

A PDF companion pamphlet- summarizing the history and methodology of Raku- will be made available to all student participants.

Instructor bio/artist’s statement:
David Roon earned his MFA in 2017, after serving as clinical faculty in Fish and Wildlife at the University of Idaho for ten years. He is focused on creating art at the ecology interface… works that celebrate the beauty of the natural world while highlighting its fragility and irreplaceability. Although he has a strong grounding in ceramics, his practice has expanded into multi-media installation work and printmaking.

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