Angel’s Bounty

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Los Angeles, February 16, 2016 – Passionate Apathy Entertainment, an independent film production company based in Los Angeles with strong ties to the Pacific Northwest, chose to focus on the Northwest for their first film, “Angel’s Bounty” – a gritty, dark comedy about a female bounty hunter on a quest to bring back the man who may or may not have killed her father a dozen years ago. They hope to bring exposure to the often-overlooked region as a great location for filmmaking; from locations to cast to crew, the Northwest is as rich and welcoming an area as one can hope for.

The bulk of Angel’s Bounty was filmed in Washington state, primarily Tacoma/Seattle and Pullman. Writer/Director Lee Fleming explains, “It’s a road trip movie. So, we needed a variety of interesting backgrounds, and the Northwest provides any setting you could want. Mountains, desert, and the ocean are all within a day’s drive. Plus, I was raised in Tacoma and went to school in Pullman. So, heck yeah, I wanted to show ’em in a movie.”

The cast of “Angel’s Bounty” includes talent from both Los Angeles and Washington State. Many of the people involved with this project are very familiar faces in the Seattle film community. As much as on-screen talent, the right soundtrack is a vital part in setting the tone and feel of any film. Knowing this, Passionate Apathy turned to the gritty, raw, and honest feel of music that can only come from spending three quarters of the year dodging raindrops. “Angel’s Bounty” is proud to showcase some great music from Northwest artists Guns of Nevada, Voxxy Vallejo, and SweetKiss Momma.

Angel’s Bounty is now available on DVD and streaming at Amazon and ReelHouse.

Passionate Apathy Entertainment was founded in 2010 by writer/producer Lee Fleming and actor/producer Kristen Springer. They have produced several projects and assembled a very talented pool of writers and actors. They recently wrapped production on the first season of their well-received, sketch-comedy web series, “This Show Right Here,” and have several upcoming projects in development.




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